Confident model posing in the 'Berrocal' style blouse with nautical and baroque print in pastel colors, full-length sleeves, and a collar, paired with bright blue trousers.

Tinta Berrocal Natural Shirt

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  • Tinta: Berrocal
  • Style: Berrocal
  • Colour: Natural

The 'Berrocal' Blouse is a statement piece that exudes sophistication with a playful twist. This blouse is adorned with an eclectic mix of nautical and baroque motifs, set against a backdrop of soft yellows, pastel pinks, and bold teals. The design is reminiscent of a treasure map, promising adventure and discovery. With its relaxed silhouette, the 'Berrocal' offers both comfort and style, featuring a sharp collar and full-length sleeves. This blouse is a conversation starter, perfect for those who take delight in a rich tapestry of design.

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