Nautical-themed top with sea horse print, navy stripes, and a splash of pink and blue, combining comfort with whimsical style, style 55720042-120
Rear view of a nautical-themed top with navy stripes, combining comfort with whimsical style, style 55720042-120
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  • Barbara Lebek: T-Shirt
  • Style: 55720042-120
  • Colour: Off White

Immerse yourself in the nautical charm of this striking top, adorned with an imaginative sea horse print that stands out against a background of classic navy stripes. The thoughtful placement of the sea horse adds a playful twist to the horizontal lines, while the hints of pink and blue in the print introduce a soft pop of colour. Crafted with a relaxed fit and short sleeves, this top is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their wardrobe. It’s an excellent choice for a seaside stroll or a casual day out, blending comfort with an artistic touch.

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